[FOR SALE] Model 01 from initial run, low low use + DVORAK keycaps (US)

Item: original Model 01
Price: $300 for all incl shipping (see below)
Condtion: Like new
Location: USA East

Had this since the initial shipments, love the idea but just cannot get used to the keyboard. I pull it out every couple of months and try again for a day or two, but it’s just not working out for me. I’d rather pass it on to somebody who will use it than keep fighting muscle memory. 25 years of using the same ergo keyboard is too much to overcome.

Just received the DVORAK keycaps, realized that’s not going to matter (I’m a committed DV typist) and decided to sell. $300 shipped for everything - I still have the original box & all that stuff too.

If somebody wants just just the keyboard, great - $265 shipped. Want the DVORAK keycaps? $50 shipped AFTER the keyboard sells.

Shipping included only counts in the contiguous 48 states of the USA. Outside that, you’re paying for shipping.

Would you ship to Poland?
Is this the quiet click model?
Has there been any problems with chattering keys?
On the photo of the keyboard, is it dust on the keys? Can it be removed easily?

If you’re willing to pay for the shipping, I’ll send it to Poland.

It is not the quiet click model.

No problems at all.

Yes, just dust. I’ll make sure it’s all clean before sending it.

Sounds good except it being the loud click model. I’ll have to pass on it.

Is this still available? If so, I’d like to buy it. I only want the keyboard, not the keycaps, if possible. I’m in Austin, TX.

Yes, still available & all yours. Keyboard only - not the keycaps - no problem at all. Please contact me at wes13@mac.com to finalize. Thanks.

Sorry, I need to bow out on this one. I already worked out a transaction with someone else on the board here. Good luck finding a buyer.