[SOLD] For Sale: Model 01 Quiet Click Toronto, ON

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click +Dvorak caps +clear caps
Price: $300 CAD
Condtion: Lightly used, original packaging
Location: Toronto, ON. Can ship

I was so excited for this keyboard, and I loved the programmability but I just couldn’t get used to the ergonomics. It’d be a shame to leave such a beautiful keyboard sitting unused so I’m looking for a new home for it. Dvorak and clear caps haven’t shipped yet; I can have them re-directed.


I’m interested! i could pick it up in a week or two. I’m currently out of town though. you can reach me by email: dkobryn@well.com or phone: 995-401-0688

Hi, is it still available? How could it be arranged to ship it to Montreal?

Hi everyone, thank you for your interest. I’ve arranged a sale and the keyboard is no longer available.