For sale: Model 01 Quiet Click - Ottawa, Canada

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: $100 Canadian plus shipping
Condtion: Like new, except for key chatter
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bought through the original kickstarter. Works fine, in near-new condition. But the keys chatter and need more than the regular alcohol cleaning I’ve been giving them.

I have the octo stands and the short and long cables. I don’t have the original packaging.

ps, I also have the little spacers for the two keyboard halves, flat and angled.

Hi ! Im interested if youre okay to send it to France :blush::fr:

ok! I will pack it up and take it to the post office to see how much shipping will be and let you decide if it’s still good for you. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

This is fine :wink: thx. Happy new year.

@alex.centar the cheapest option is $90, with 4-6 week delivery. $150 for 2 week delivery.

Not cheap! In Canada it would be $ 25.

Are you still interested?

Hi ! I’m okay :slight_smile: Do you have a Paypal account ? Please DM me with it :slight_smile:

Hi @plantarum & @alex.centar ,

I got the same surprise when looking for shipment from the US (for @UniversalTimeCodeGit’s “soldering kit”).

The first quotes I found were north of $ 150, but via Shipping Calculator | Compare shipping rates at Parcel Monkey I found “slow and cheap” shipping for $ 50-60.

If the parcel is not underway yet, it might still shave quite a bit of the shipping cost.

Very interesting :innocent: thx for the cheat code :wink:

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