Model 01 Keycaps

Item: Keyboardio Model 01 Key Caps
Price: 0.00
Condtion: brand new
Location: USA-CA

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

I’ve got an extra set of key caps that i don’t need. If you’re interested all I’m asking is that you pay the shipping cost. If anyone is interested lmk, otherwise they will probably go to my local thrift store. Thanks!

I don’t see the pictures for some reason, but most likely, I would love to snag them.

I was being lazy and didn’t snap a photo. Here’s a photo, its new never used it. So I don’t mind shipping it out if you pay for the shipping cost, however it would be about $15 and I just noticed that you can order it from Keyboardio for about $7 right now. Still happy to ship but I don’t think it make much sense to do so when you can get them cheaper from keyboardio.

So actually with shipping from keyboardio is actually just over $30 so i guess it does still make sense. If you still want them, you can send over $15 to me over venmo my handle is @frarredo.

good catch, seems they are clearing stock! Will order a few from them.


just noticed the shipping is very high, so let’s go ahead and do the $15!

Yup just sale the sale price, but then got curious about shipping costs and noticed it’s over $23.

Go ahead and venmo (@frarredo) me the $15 and I’ll try to make my way to the post office either today or tomorrow morning on my way to work. I’ll send you a tracking number once its shipped as well.

So venmo has two option friends & family and goods & services. You’re welcome to select G&S if you want to cover the G&S fee which I think is like 3.49% or just do F&F which is fee less. As long as I end up with $15 net that’s all that matters. Thanks!

Hey I got the venmo payment, can you send me your shipping address?

I just shipped the keycaps, here is your tracking number 9505513372462129581549 estimated to arrive by Thursday. enjoy!

I ordered a few sets to last me when the price dropped.