[SOLD] Virtually unused Model 01 Clicky - NYC - $275 OBO


Item: Model 01 with Loud Click switches
Price: $275 or best offer + shipping
Condition: Like new with all parts and box (has been used for about 2 hours cumulatively)
Location: NYC

I’ve had it for almost a year, but it’s sit in the box for most of the time – never quite got used to the form-factor. I’d like it to have a more loving home :slight_smile:

(pcurry) #2

Do you still have it? I have two Quiet ones but I don’t have a clicky one and I’m thinking I might want it.


Yep! PM me for details.

(Guillermo Szeliga) #4

Do you still have it? I might be interested (located in BCN, Spain)


This has been sold, sorry!