Staining the enclosure

(JP) #21

Nice work and write up.

(Jordihs) #22

I made a mockup in the gimp where I matched a bass guitar sunburnt finish and added a volume notch and a pickup switch (layer changes or something?). I did it because the keyboardio looks so much like an instrument. It is far from perfect but it might be an idea for people considering to get a pro to stain the enclosures.

(Noseglasses) #23

Man, I love that Les Paul pickup Switch! Tuning the volume down could be useful when the colleagues complain about the noisy typing :wink:

(Tré Ammatuna) #24

This looks amazing! I love the dark finish. Definitely something I may be looking into getting done.

(JP) #25

I dig it. Love the switch and volume knob.

(Tré Ammatuna) #26

I’ve been looking/thinking about these stains/paints/glazes. They can be used on bare wood or also over existing glazes, which would make it a much easier job if it can just go on top of what’s already there. Plus, you can give it some truly unique looks.

(Kyle Thorne) #27

I love the detail in all the effort to refinish. I love woodworking. I love to see grains in my projects so my p;reference is more of a nice carbon grey. But very nicely done none the less!