Stuck with old custom layout

When flashing my keyboard with the default Model01-Firmware, I end up with a layout on my keyboard that I’ve created a year ago. I’m doing this from a new macbook than the one I previously created my custom layout on. Despite that, I literally use the default firmware, but something else is somehow flashed on my keyboard.

I must be missing something, but I have no clue what.

I am using the Arduino GUI on a macbook.
If I open a new file and flash that to my keyboard, it works (the keyboard doesn’t do much).
If I use the default firmware, my own custom layout gets flashed. If I edit something in the default firmware (change a key, or from qwerty to dvorak), it doesn’t work, my old custom layout is still flashed.

Any ideas what I could try to solve this?
Many thanks!

The explanation here is EEPROM. If you ever used Chrysalis, that copied the then active layout to EEPROM, and flipped a setting so that the EEPROM layout will be used over the built-in one. So no matter what you change in firmware, as long as the EEPROM-Keymap plugin is enabled, and the setting isn’t reverted, it will use EEPROM over the built-in.

The easiest solution here is to launch Chrysalis, connect to the Model01, go to the “Keyboard Preferences” menu, disable “Use custom layers only”, and hit the save button. It will then use the built-in layers instead of the EEPROM-stored ones.


That’s right, Chrysalis is what I was using back then. I see now how this works.
It fixed the problem for me, now I can happily start writing my custom layout.