Touch typing numbers

I have never been very good at touch typing numbers, so I figured this was the time to learn. However I am unsure about which finger to use for 1 and 0. They are technically in the pinky columns, but the size and position of the keys make them reachable with the ring fingers without leaving home row. I was wondering how other people type these keys and if people have found one finger more comfortable then the others? When learning to touch type I don’t want to be training fingers that I just have to untrain later.

I usually use a numpad layer, where the numbers are laid out in a way that index, middle and ring finger is all I need to access all of them. Takes a bit of time to get used to it, but once it “clicks”, it’s awesome, in my experience.

Mind you, if sticking with the traditional number layout, hitting 1 and 0 with your ring finger isn’t wrong, as long as it is comfortable.

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