Uneven keyswitch force with loud-click switches

(Jesse) #21

A tiny bit of variation key to key is indeed ‘normal’

It looks like you’re seeing what I thought you might be seeing - The new Matias loud-click switches bind pretty significantly when hit off-axis. :confused:

(Jesse) #22

I suspect that it’s a combination you acclimating and the switches wearing down a little bit on the edges where they were sticking. The loud-click switches aren’t prelubricated.

(Ben Gemperline) #23

@jesse I’m willing to do the coin test on my loud click board if you need another data point. I definitely feel like there is a lot of binding on off-center keypresses.

My two quiet click boards definitely feel a lot smoother than my loud click board.

(Jesse) #24

I certainly wouldn’t object to more data :slight_smile:

(Daniel Cavanagh) #25

it’s definitely severe off-center sticking, like you say. it’s been there since the beginning and i don’t think it’s changed much at all. i’ve got a little bit better at hitting on-center obviously, but i think it’s all me and not the keys getting smoother or anything

i’m certain that some keys are just a bit stickier in general too, even when hit on-center. either that or some of them somehow have a default off-center bias or something

is this covered by warranty (ie. do you just organise for matias to ship me the new innards), or do i have to do that myself?

let me know if you need anything else! cheers

(Jesse) #26

To figure out what we can do for you warrantywise, email us at help@keyboard.io. I do suspect that any mitigation is going to involve quiet-click switches, as, to the best pf my understanding, this isn’t something that Matias believes is a defect in the switches.

(Daniel Cavanagh) #27

email us at help@keyboard.io

done! cheers mate