Force for Matias Clicky keys

I have been using my model 01 for about a week now and feel that the keys are a little heavier than I expected. I have used cherry whites, blues, browns, and reds and these seem more like whites (80cN) than blues (50cN).

Spec says 60gf +/-5 which, according to some converter online, is essentially 60cN.

Has anyone else had similar thoughts or experienced a “break-in” period? I think it just feels like there is quite a bit of a hump at the beginning of the keystroke.

Don’t have much experience with Matias switches.

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I find that exactly where on the key I push down makes a big difference. The one which always seems heaviest to me is the P key, and this seems to be because I have a habit of pressing it on its very left edge.

Also on the clicky, I’m trying not to bottom out which feels way different. I did just type on a Cherry Blue which I thought was in the same neighbourhood of force, but it felt so light in comparison.

It sounds like a buckling spring switch with sounds up and down eh? I figure it’s only a matter of time til I cave and buy a second unit, I’ll go quiet switch next time.


Have the same exact experience.

Also I already placed my order for a quiet version. For work. Using the clicky one now but I am a bit worried it’s driving my neighbors bonkers.

But it’s not that much louder than the echoed Browns in a kinesis.

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