[Sold] Bag of 198 Quiet Click Matias Switches

Item: 198 Matias Quiet Click Switches
Price: $35 or best offer
Condtion: New
Location: Schaumburg, IL

I went ahead and ordered a bag of Quiet Clicks from Matias ($50 plus shipping), but I only used two for disassembly and experimentation. I got used to my clicky switches after all, and I have no need for these. I’d rather they go to a good home for spare parts or another keyboardio user’s pet project. Will be listed on eBay if I don’t get any bites for a couple weeks.

What do they look like? link? pics? winning lotto numbers?

I didn’t include a pic initially because it isn’t very glamorous…

This is just the bag of switches Matias sent me, minus two brave soldiers.

are they blanks? I’m guessing they fit on your M01?

Yeah, these are the switches used on most of the Model 01s our there. I’ve got the clicky switches in my board, and I was investigating swapping them out. I thought maybe someone would like to have them on hand.

I also have a Clicky M01 and I have bare quiet switches at hand, and I’m experimenting with swapping the internals (so without desoldering the switches).

First test I did: replace both the slider and the leaf. The switch is a loud more silent now, and also a bit more wobly, which also makes it less sensitive to getting “stuck” when the switch isn’t pressed down perfectly vertical.

I want to experiment with swapping only the leaf or only the slider, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

I got the instructions from Alps switches; cleaning, maintenance and restoring clickiness/tactility tutorial - YouTube

The internals of the Matias aren’t exactly the same, but opening up basically is. I’ll make some videos when I can.

I swapped the slider in the Led key. Here is a video to compare the Any key (Matias Loud) with the swapped Led key.

Very interesting. How confident are you that you can do this on the whole board without damaging any of the switches? My attempts to take apart the spare switches left we with the impression that this is easier said than done. It also seemed very difficult to be sure that the click leaf was set properly, though I imagine it would be easier with a switch that is already attached.

I don’t feel it’s that hard. It just takes a large amount of time, cause I need to open 2 switches (the one on the board, and the spare one) for every switch I’m doing.

Does 35 include shipping? Or can we split shipping?

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Thanks for spurring me on to give it another go. I managed to replace all of my clicky sliders with tactile sliders, and I could not be more happy with the results. I’ll be posting pictures of the process on a new thread.

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I also completed the swap. It is awesome!!!

But, when doing one of the last switches, I could have kept loud switches.

The sliders of the quiet switches have a piece of rubber attached on the sides, that can be be removed.
I’ve installed one slider without those rubbers, and it gives me back loud switches. But it’s not worth opening all switches again.

Why would you want to bring back loud switches if you had gone to the work to swap out the sliders?

For the same reason you bought a loud keyboard in the first place.