WANTED: 5 Matias Quiet-Click Switch EU

Hey all. My Model 1 has a couple of bad switches, and I’m having trouble finding replacements in Europe. Might anyone have a few (maybe 5) they could post over to Ireland?

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I’d be interested in 1-5 as well, in Switzerland… but indeed they seem to be quite difficult to find, unfortunately.

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I already had a failing keyswitch of a modifier key, but now my ‘n’ keyswitch just died. I’m also on the hunt for new key switches in Europe (the Netherlands). I need at least 2, more so I have a supply.

Is there maybe an alternative switch that we could use?

@seafoodbaker @The-Compiler
While not exactly the same, there are quiet lineair keyswitches for sale here: Matias Quiet Linear Key Switch Module : KS102Q : The Keyboard Company

I just ordered a few and intend to switch around keyswitches so less common used keys have the linked keyswitches and place the removed original switches on the failing ones. It’s a solution, though not perfect.

Or these, HS101Q which I believe are the same switches. I’ve bought some of the loud clicky switches from the same company.

At least when I tried Cherry MX and Kailh Red, I didn’t like them at all - they feel like a cheap rubber dome keyboard to me. Also, this isn’t really an option when you want to just swap out some dead keys - it would be quite odd to have a different feeling for just a couple of letters.

The same company does offer Quiet Click switches as well (as mentioned by @dshields), but those are currently out of stock. I signed up for mail notifications once that changed, though.

These are Matias Red, a newer version of the Quiet click. Feel should be similar.

I do agree that there will be a feel difference, in my case I can cope with that by placing these new switches at the LED and PROG keys, and using those good ones to replace my faulty ones.

Hmmm, the Matias Red are described by them as linear and designed for stenography. I don’t see how they would be a newer version of the quiet click ones.

I just got a mail from Keyboard Co informing me that their Matias Quiet Clicks should be back in stock on March 14th. So I suppose that would be an option, shipping for 5-10 switches seems to be around 11 GBP.

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