Matias linear switches for Model 01 (136 pieces) in EU

Item: Matias linear switches for Model 01
Price: 11
Condtion: Good
Location: Germany

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
Matias linear switches (red) 136 pieces
See the picture and the description here: Matias Quiet Linear Mechanical Keyswitches

As a bonus you will get a Kalih switch tester from kono store (see the first picture)
That is not ALL. You will also get 2 Matias tactile (grey) switches.

They were part of my keyboardio model 01 keyboard.


Would you mind elaborating on the experienced changes comparing the two switches. What was the main point of interest for having the linears: Feel, Quietness, Smoothness, Directness, Key-chatter? Would you personally recommend ‘reds’ over ‘grays’ having done the swap.
'Still have the used ‘grays’ lying around?