For Sale: Model 01. Quiet Linear, Finland / Europe

Item: Model 01 with modded switches (Matias Quiet Linear)
Price: 300€ plus shipping
Condtion: Ok (some extra wear due to disassembly)
Location: Tampere, Finland

Sad to see this beauty go, but for some reason this keyboard aggravated my RSI (thumbs) no matter how I set it up. I even modded (pulled the core and switched the contact plates and springs) the switches for the lighter linears.

The original quiet clicks are in a disassembled pile, but I can include them as well if you want to switch them back. I can also add some extra intact quiet linear switches if you want replacements.

The shorter cable that connects the halves never worked good (but with some fiddling and installing the bridge piece you can get it stable). The longer one works ok.

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

Price dropped to 200€.


Can you tell me how difficult it was to change the switches over?

Also, would you be happy to ship to the UK?


I didn’t change the switches to be precise, I just pulled the core out and changed the switch, spring and the actuation plate. You can switch to any other Matias (ALPS) core. As for difficulty, not very. although breaking the switch is always a possiblity and then you would need to solder in a new one (more difficult).

I can of course ship to the UK if you pay for shipping :slight_smile:

I’m interested because of the Linear modification.

Sent DM a few days ago.

Hi, is it still available?

This item has been sold.

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