User-visible major / breaking changes coming in Kaleidoscope

We used to list breaking changes and major features in this thread, but we failed to keep the list up to date. It was too far removed from the code where the changes happen. Because a significant number of people expressed interest in a change log, one that’s more succinct than the git logs, we ended up with two new files in the master Kaleidoscope repository:

  • provides a high-level overview of major features, breaking changes, important fixes.
  • goes into a bit more detail about how to upgrade from older versions to the latest Kaleidoscope.

Because both of these files are closer to the code, and we can update them at the same time we fix bugs, or add important things to the firmware, they will be kept much more up to date.


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Bump, there were breaking changes. Won’t affect many people, but still. I’m trying to practice bumping this thread when there’s news!

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Bump, a few deprecated interfaces have been removed.