Vim esc key remap

I’m a longtime vim user who has remapped esc to the sequence “jk” and am looking for suggesions on the best way to do the same on the model 100. Ive looked a a few plugins but none seem to fit perfectly. Oneshot seems like it might work with the right config, but I think I could cobble together a plugin to. Also open to suggestions on how other vim users adapt to the model 100 as this is my first split keyboard.

Hi - welcome and congrats for your keyboard - it is awesome :wink:

When it comes to mapping jk to like in VI - I think, with OnsShot you’re on the right track. But you might have to create your own plugin.
It might also work with macros, but probably not as easy…

I am a (Neo)VIM-user myself, but I never had a problem using ESC, especially as I am putting the ESC-Key on my keyboard, where it suits me best (right now, it’s back on it’s “standard” location).

I can tell a bit about my experience moving to a split keyboard: There was a learning curve, but it was fun all the way. Experimenting with layouts, putting keys, where they might suit me best. IF you are into tinkering, this is some rabbit hole you’re entering :wink:

And this is a journey, you will end up, changing your keyboard firmware more or less on a constant basis. I just added a new Plugin to my Sketch, changed some behaviors here and there. This is the fun of it!

So, my advice would be (especially if you are into programming a bit): Have fun, enjoy, experiment and see, where this might take you.