Waking laptop from sleep

I’m having trouble using the Model 100 when waking up my laptop from sleep. My Atreus when connected through the same port wakes up the laptop, but when I use the Model 100 I end up having to move the mouse. Is there some sort of issue with the LEDs requiring more power? If it helps, the power draw after waking given by System Information on my Macbook Pro is

Current Available (mA):	500
Current Required (mA):	500

If you have an animated LED effect running on the Model 100 when the laptop goes to sleep, does the animation freeze when the laptop goes to sleep? How about if you press a key on the Model 100 while the laptop is sleeping?

Good question. There seems to be a time after which the LEDs stay on, but the light pattern stops. That time also happens when the LEDs are off. After that point I can’t wake up the computer with the keyboard.