Model100 Led Off at start

Hello, I have a Keyboardio Model 100. I am experiencing an issue with my firmware: the LEDs are always OFF when the keyboard starts up, but they light up as soon as I switch layers. I am using this example: “lActiveLayerColor.” How can I make sure that the LEDs are turned on as soon as the keyboard is plugged in?

I use Chrysalis to set the Default LED mode. This has worked consistently for me on initial boot.

Hello. This is still an issue. It seems to work fine when Default LED is set to a style that changes, but otherwise doesn’t turn on the LEDs until are activated in some way.

Previously, the Default LED would work properly either way.

You should be able to replicate this bug by setting Default LED to 1, disconnecting and reconnecting your keyboard, and observing that it works properly. Then set Default LED to 5, disconnect and reconnect your keyboard, and observe that the LEDs do not turn on until the LED key is depressed or the layer is changed.