'Default LED mode' 255?

Would like to set my default LED mode on system startup. In Chrysalis 0.12.0 Preferences, there is a field for this that allows me to set numbers between 0 (or 1?) and 254/255. However, I haven’t a clue what number represents the mode I would like (simple monochrome, no effects), nor how to set the actual colour. Couldn’t find this documented anywhere either…

Any help much appreciated.


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That is true sadly. You can try out the modes by selecting and saving. Input 0 up to 15. 4 and following are monochrome.

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I will, thank you very much!

I believe it is the order is the order of LED effects that are defined in KALEIDOSCOPE_INIT_PLUGINS in your sketch.

I think you can see the default for model 100 here

Hope that is helpful.

Thanks a lot!

So I assume the numbers are assigned as follows:

0: We start with the LED effect that turns off all the LEDs.

1: The rainbow effect changes the color of all of the keyboard’s keys at the same time
// running through all the colors of the rainbow.

2: The rainbow wave effect lights up your keyboard with all the colors of a rainbow
// and slowly moves the rainbow across your keyboard

3: The chase effect follows the adventure of a blue pixel which chases a red pixel across
// your keyboard. Spoiler: the blue pixel never catches the red pixel

// These static effects turn your keyboard’s LEDs a variety of colors
4: solidRed,
5: solidOrange,
6: solidYellow,
7: solidGreen,
8: solidBlue,
9: solidIndigo,
10: solidViolet,

11: The breathe effect slowly pulses all of the LEDs on your keyboard

12: The AlphaSquare effect prints each character you type, using your
// keyboard’s LEDs as a display

13: The stalker effect lights up the keys you’ve pressed recently

14: The LED Palette Theme plugin provides a shared palette for other plugins,
// like Colormap below

15: The Colormap effect makes it possible to set up per-layer colormaps

You can also check by just pressing the LED key on the keyboard and it will go in the same order.

I think the only thing wrong on your list is I don’t think LEDPaletteTheme is a LED effect. It’s used by others. So I think its just 0-14, but I could be wrong. I am not a developer of Kaleidoscope. Just have a little programming background and tried to figure out the answer to the same question about a month or two ago.

Yeah, I think LEDPaletteTheme isn’t a mode of its own, just used as part of ColormapEffect, etc.

The reason for mode number 255 is that a freshly erased EEPROM has all bytes set to 255, and the firmware has some code to recognize that and choose a reasonable default effect (LEDOff in this case). Chrysalis won’t let you choose mode number 255, which seems abstractly reasonable, but can be confusing to interact with if you don’t know about these details.