Setting default LED mode in firmware?

I know that I can set the default LED mode from within Chrysalis, but is it possible to do this from the .ino file?

Why that matters is that:

  1. I try to have all my configuration in one place. As I am using functionality not exposed via Chrysalis I use the .ino file anyway. Therefore I’d like to configure everything there.
  2. Installing a new firmware often conflicts with the EEPROM content. Therefore I have the habit of always resetting the EEPROM when installing a new firmware. That would require to redo all those extra settings (in this case setting the default LED mode).

I believe the default LED mode (if not configured in EEPROM) is the first LED mode plugin in KALEIDOSCOPE_INIT_PLUGINS().

You might need to change these lines if you’re on Model 100. It sets the default LED mode when the EEPROM has been erased.

  // Unless configured otherwise with Chrysalis, we want to make sure that the
  // firmware starts with LED effects off. This avoids over-taxing devices that
  // don't have a lot of power to share with USB devices

Thanks! Both of you are right. It seems that the method argonblue mentioned is necessary anyway. So no need to reorder the LEDEffects, since the default mode can be configured with it.