What is the default rainbow LED "setting" in Chrysalis?

I am using a KVM to swap between my work and personal computers (yay Working from Home!) and my model 100 is momentarily powered off as I switch. Is there a listing of default LED settings so I can default my model 100 to turn on with the lovely rainbow setting? I know its LED keypress twice to get there, but I was hoping to flash that to the keyboard directly to save a bit of time? Default chrysalis is set to 255 in the latest firmware update (I updated yesterday).

Thanks in advance!

A setting of 255 is interpreted as 0 for technical reasons. So if it’s the rainbow wave mode you’re asking about, that’s mode 2 in the Chrysalis-provided firmware.

Yes, this should probably be made more friendly in the future. I think LED modes don’t have exposed names because of flash size constraints on older keyboards, but we might want to make them available on newer keyboards.

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That worked, thank you!!!