What are the default LED modes?

Just got my Model01 (forgive my typos) and I was cycling through the LED modes and was confused by several “off” modes at the end of the list (for lack of a better term).

Is there a list of LED modes on the shipped firmware? My hunch is that those blank modes are user configurable (if so, how?).

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Those “blank” modes aren’t as blank as you think. Try typing with the keyboard in each mode.

Ah, thanks, I should have thought of that. I’d still like a list, though. I get the key fade setting but not the other key-reacting mode. It lights up nearby keys?

I think the one you are talking about lights up a multi key version of the letter you typed. I was confused at first too.

If you look at the default firmware, the list of LED plugins there will correspond to the order of the default LED effects (So starts off, then Rainbow, RainbowWave, Chase, etc).

The source code has plenty of comments that describe the various LED effects, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll explain them here too:

  1. Off mode, where all LEDs are off. This is the default.
  2. Rainbow mode, where all keys are the same color, and they cycle through the rainbow colors.
  3. Rainbow wave mode, where a rainbow marches across the keyboard keys.
  4. Chase, where a blue pixel chases a red one across the board and back. It is a neverending chase, blue never catches red.
  5. A bunch of static colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
  6. Breathe, which slowly pulses all of the LEDs.
  7. AlphaSquare, probably the first “off” mode you found: whenever you press a key, it lights up LEDs that show the letter or number you typed. It is a 4x3 font, so some of the symbols are a bit hard to recognise. But it is a fun one!
  8. Stalker will light up the key you press, and fade it away slowly. If you type fast, it leaves a trail of fire, kind of.

Then we wrap over, and start over with the off mode.


Ah, thanks everybody!