Setting default default LED mode from Chrysalis

I’m trying to set the LEDs to a solid color at startup and running into some confusion. When I use an animated default like 1, all LEDs seem to work. However, if I choose a solid default like 9 or 10, only the “LED” key stays illuminated in that mode’s color (blue or violet, respectively, after the green pulsing startup animation finishes).

Is there something I’m missing about configuration via Chrysalis, or should I be compiling my own firmware with just the LED mode I want enabled?

I think this might just be expected behavior: LEDs are disabled by default on startup. Does that sound right?

If so, I think I can live with just hitting LED every time it starts up. This is more trouble for me than it might normally be since I switch between a PC and macbook at my desk. I use a switched USB hub, and every time I swap the keyboard reboots. I guess adding standalone power to the hub might solve this, or getting a proper KVM to act as the keyboard’s USB host.

Hey Matt, I can’t explain the why, but you need to change the default LED mode to number 14 (I’m assuming you’re using Chrysalis). I had the same question when I received my Model 100.

-Connect to the keyboard
-From the menu select Preferences
-Under the submenu “MY KEYBOARD” look for default LED mode
-Set the value to 14 (I don’t recall what the default value was)
-Click the save changes icon in the lower left icon
-disconnect and reconnect to confirm it worked