What am I doing wrong?- both hands in agony after a week of using the K100

I have the halves of the k100 connected to make a single keyboard, and i’m not using the risers because i have an adjustable tray that fits it perfectly.

After a week of using the K100 I’ve mostly got the hang of the modified QWERTY layout and am almost up to normal typing speed.

However I am hurting, not my wrists or my arms, just my hands and fingers. After about 20 minutes I have to stop, even when i take breaks every 5 minutes or so.

What could i be doing wrong?

Well the first thing I would try is to break the two halves free and move them around along with experimenting with the tilt/tenting until you feel comfortable.

Do your hands and fingers hurt because of the positioning or the amount of pressure you need to apply to press a key? How are your arms positioned? Do rest on the armrest of the your chair? How is your desk? There are so many factors that can contribute to strain/pain.

It might help if you take note of how your wrists are bent at rest and while typing

When i first started using splits, i noticed that while at rest my wrists looked to be at a nice neutral position, but while typing my left wrist would just tend to become ‘bent’ and result in strain. Took me awhile to kill that habit

Also, more specifically for the model 100, i feel the palm key favours the floating hands typing style more. In order words, you don’t rest your palm/wrist on the keyboard unless you need to hit the palm key. I learned to type with floating hands a few years ago so its easy for me, but i remember back then it did take me a month to get used to this style.

When i try to see how i would type if i did rest my palm/wrist on the model 100, it does look like it would
cause me to start aching from the way my fingers/wrist would be positioned