Separating keyboard halves

Is anybody else like me, & been using a Model 01 0r 100 with the halves joined? Today, I separated them, and the RSI that had been coming on for the last few months disappeared almost at once. A change of cables, and a move of maybe 10 cms. was all that I needed to cure the nagging twinges.If you haven’t tried moving the halves apart, you might consider trying it.

And yes, I feel stupid for missing the obvious – but also glad for the reliief.


If you enjoy widely separated splits, you might also try tenting. The pictures below show what I did with clamps and a block of wood, both from Amazon. The width helps your shoulders from curling in, especially if you have broad shoulders. The tenting helps keep the wrists in a nice neutral position, in the spirit of a vertical mouse (I guess my mouse is also in the picture).

Fixing the width can be nice because sometimes the keyboards scoot when used. Some people also clamp the keyboards to their desks or chairs.

You don’t have to tent as severely as I do, but if you do, a wrist rest can be nice. ZSA Technology sells the rest in the picture for their Erogodox EZ keyboard.

Anyway, I like sharing this setup because it feels dialed in, and adjusting things took some iterations to sort out.


The split design was the major reason I backed the original Model 01 crowdfunding campaign. I am a large, tall person with broad shoulders and found that keeping my hands on the home row of a traditional keyboard was difficult (my hands would stray to the sides) and put my wrists at a terrible angle. Having the Model 01 halves connected puts my wrists at a better angle, but my elbows are still rotated way in, so my preferred setup is the two halves on the provided stands (though I am interested to try a slightly more tented angle like @shajra posted) as this keeps my arms pointed forward and also opens up space on my desk to put other things in the center.