RSI - Model 01 or Maltron/Kinesis


I have been experiencing RSI for almost a year now and I have been trying other things to help with the condition. I don’t think switching keyboards will completely solve the issue, but I am sure it heps.

I just cannot decide between Model 01 and Maltron (DIY) as Model 01’s shipping + customs tax cost almost half price of the item’s while I can build Maltron myself, which I believe would cost around £200. I believe Kinesis is somewhat similar, so it’d be great if someone can tell which one is more ergonomic.

I love Model 01 because it’s split and can be tented. It also looks great, while my concern is the keys. Comparing to the keywells, I would think the keywells seem more ergonomic.

Programmable is important for me, but both Maltron and Kinesis can be modified to be programmable while Model 01 is programmable out of the box.

Thank you!

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I had pinky and wrist strains,the M01 and Advantage both relax it! Both are excellent. The relaxed pose on the Advantage does feel nice, but i find hitting the top keys more stretching than the M01. I prefer the M01 for being totally split, easier to program, the palm key, and looks! Depending on the RSI i might prefer the Advantage for lighter key switches. Ymmv, both are way way better than the typical staggered row keeb

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Ah, thank you for your input. Only my left forearm and the back of my left hand hurt, so it’s a bit different than yours. If the tax is not so bad in the UK, I might just get both, but I cannot afford both of them now. :grin:

You’ve probably already covered this ground, but just in case. Years ago, using a conventional keyboard, I solved most of my RSI problems of that time (pain on underside of wrist) by using better posture: Raised my wrists with a wrist rest.

I’m using keyboardio know as prophylactic, and the fact that the MacBook Pro with a touch bar has an absolutely hideous keyboard. :frowning:

Best of luck

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They are expensive. I got lucky and found an Advantage used, a rabbit had chewed on it, the ugly damage fixed the price barrier for me :slight_smile:

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