What I should know before buying a model 01

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for an ergonomic keyboard that I hope can help me to ease pain in wrists when working with a computer. I came across several articles about model 01 and forum posts and amused how good your keyboard is.

However, keyboard is not cheap so I will be glad if anyone could share any knowledge about keyboard/company future. I heard that recently company had some complication with manufacturer. Were quality of keyboards affected? On a website I could purchase model 01 with quiet switchers, but nor custom keycaps, or other accessories shown there.

Do founders have plan to upgrade model 01 or maybe release another model anytime soon? I’m thinking maybe to wait a little bit and purchase improved version?

I’ll be glad if anyone could share any bits and pieces of information to help me to make a right decision!

I cannot give you authoritative answers, but I can tell you that the “manufacturing complications” are causing a delay on the alternate keycap sets. The quality of the keyboards should not be affected.

Regarding future keyboards, I think the next one they’re planning is a more “basic”, one-piece model, not an upgrade to the Model01.

I don’t know anything about the company or its future, but as a keyboard, it is a fine choice. I used Maltron keyboards as writing instruments for a dozen or so years before I changed to the Keyboardio. It was a good move for me. It is great to be able to change key assignments to meet my preferences. The key switches are excellent, and the LED backlighting is useful. The Maltron is excellent but clunky and out of date. The ergonomics (compared with the Maltron) are fine. What is especially great from that point of view is that Keyboardio is completely adjustable to meet my needs. The only difficulty that I have had adjusting, is the letter “a” - it is different enough from the Maltron that I had to retrain myself to avoid typing “q” instead of a.

One caveat, I am a writer, not a typist, and consequently I tend to write (type) relatively slowly. In other words, I use the Keyboardio instead of a pen or pencil, as a writing instrument.

I presume that the alternative keycap sets will eventually be available. But this is such a great keyboard that this is a side issue. As far as your wrists are concerned, If you can sit so that the keyboard wrist rests are at the same height as your forearm position, it should be just fine. Depends on the height of your desk, chair and the usual individual issues. If you decide to purchase the Keyboardio, once you have the keyboard, it will be apparent that the price is entirely fair.

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I’ve had mine for about a month—received it just after the delay when they were out of stock in early April. I’ve had no quality issues so far. Can’t speak more broadly that that, but I’m pleased so far…

I’ve been using the M01 for just about 2 years now. It’s super solid, and I love them enough that I’ve actually got 3 of them.

The keyboard software is completely open source, and it’s still undergoing active development. You can rest assured that you can get the keyboard to do what you want if you’re willing to write a little bit of code. I’ve had one issue with my beta unit, and it was addressed promptly and well beyond my satisfaction.

I’m a professional software developer, and the M01 has been invaluable to me in making me more productive and reducing strain and fatigue after a day in front of the computer. I feel like the price point is entirely and completely justified. I bought my first one during the kickstarter and waited several years for it, and I liked it so much I preordered a second one so I wouldn’t have to shuffle it between home and work, and then still bought a 3rd one to use when traveling. I don’t think you’d be disappointed in it.

As for “upgraded model”, there’s not really anything on the M01 that could realistically be improved or changed anytime soon. If we had wireless, you’d have to add a battery, and the LEDs would suffer. It’d be a tradeoff. Shape-wise, it feels perfect to me. I’m actually a fan of the Matias quiet-click switches, but I know some others don’t like them as much. I think that any newer models would likely offer different switch options, which wouldn’t make your keyboard obsolete. The keycaps are completely custom for this keyboard, so it’s not like you’re going to be swapping out 3rd party keycaps any time soon. You could certainly swap out the key switches to any other Matias or ALPS-clone switches if you know how to solder; it voids the warranty, but it’s pretty easy and relatively safe to do. The software that runs the keyboard is open source and you’re free to modify it, upload custom versions, or really do anything you want with it, so it’s not like you’d be locked out of new software features if you get this board. I believe that the next planned model is going to be a more consumer-friendly, traditional model, though don’t take my word for that. That being said, this isn’t like a car company where you have a new model every year. Think of it more like a Tesla, where the same car will get software updates that make it better over time. Sure, you might get different options if you wait, but nothing that comes out later is really going to make what you have now any less good.