What firmware is installed?

How do we figure out which version of the firmware is installed? I followed the install instructions to install the latest firmware, saw the red leds and finally the blue led under the led button. Does that confirm that it was installed? Is there a way to check what version of the firmware is installed? Thanks.

If you’re using firmware built by Keyboardio, open up a text editor, tap “Num” and then tap “Any”

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Now that’s cool.

Because I’ve modified mine

Keyboard Model 01 - Kaleidoscope locally built

Just for laughs - mine reports:

T.fxrapecr Mre.n 01 [ Tan.cerojrl. nrjannf xgcny

And that, my friends, is what happens when you use the Qwerty labels but the OS is set to Dvorak. :smiley:


I see… I have my os saying its qwerty but have the keyboard flashed to dvorak instead.

I get:

Keyboardio Model 01 - Kaleidoscope locally built

Then you’ve flashed firmware on top of the one we shipped. That makes it hard to know what you’re running.

If you install the .hex files we built for 1.22, then it’d output our build #. But it does sound like you’ve updated. :wink:

Obviously showing my lack of knowledge here, but is there way to check what hex files are being used ? I’ve updated the latest firmware (showing I’ve downloaded 1.22) using this wiki link:

It says I’ve downloaded the newest firmware, but when I use the Any key on the Numpad layer is still shows:

Keyboardio Model 01 - Kaleidoscope locally built

The .ino downloaded by the arduino board manager does indeed say “locally built” for both 1.19.0 and 1.22.0. I’m not sure what ‘the .hex files’ are; the keyboardio package comes with a Caterina.hex. Looks bootloader-related which is not something I want or need to change.

I could understand that given the ease of editing the sketch, putting the release numbers in keyboardio/boardsmanager/builds is probably not desireable. Would there be any interest in having the git/make-based firmware upload process pre-process the .ino to inject the output of git describe --tags into the BUILD_INFORMATION?


That’s what I get for replying from my phone too often sheepish

‘Official’ release builds live here: GitHub - keyboardio/Factory-Firmware-Builds: Built copies of factory firmware for Keyboardio keyboards.

That would, indeed, be lovely.

And it’s pretty simple to do.

make build LOCAL_CFLAGS='-DBUILD_INFORMATION="sketch:v1.22;lib:v1.22"'

is an example of how we do it for the official builds (from https://github.com/keyboardio/Model01-Firmware-Builds/blob/master/v1.22-MP2-BUILD/BUILD_DETAILS.txt)