How can I tell which firmware version I'm using?

I know there’s something about opting into beta builds via Arduino, but I don’t use the Arduino IDE and update my source directly via git. My says:

Currently at 1.92-beta, in development!

Yet when I build my firmware, I see this output:

Building output/Model01-Firmware/Model01-Firmware (0.0.0-gv1.22-30-g7a09) ...

Just what version of the firmware am I using? How can I tell?

We haven’t been all that good at tagging beta versions (or updating when doing a beta release). For now, the most appropriate “version” is the “g7a09” part, which says you’re on a commit that begins with 7a09. At least as far as Model01-Firmware is concerned, Kaleidoscope (where the bulk of development happens) is in another repo.

I know this isn’t a particularly satisfactory answer, but at this time, this is the best I can give.

Am I not using the latest beta, then? Which repo should I look at? (Or is it really not recommended?)

EDIT: Is the g7a09 from the Model01-Firmware repo or Kaleidoscope?

The best is to use Kaleidoscope-Bundle-Keyboardio, and use make maintainer-update-submodules to keep the submodules updated to latest master, if you want to be on the bleeding edge. It’s not really bleeding, and isn’t very sharp either, mind you - it’s pretty safe to use, we try our best not to break it. (I’ve been running master for as long as I had a Model01 :))


Okay, that’s the repo I’ve been using. I’ve been updating it with make update-submodules, though, not maintainer.

It’s from Model01-Firmware.

maintainer- updates to latest master, update-submodules updates only when we explicitly update, which happens less often, usually closer to when @jesse is preparing a release.

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Thanks for the info.