Why the standard layout is what it is?

Having seen the attention to detail J&K take, I want to understand the reasons for the default layout before I start remapping my model 100.

Are there any links to the old discussions - likely pre-model 01 - about why the default layout is what it is, or some other way to find it out?

(this line of thought started because of the enter key location, in case anyone is interested :slight_smile: )

This isnโ€™t exactly what you asked, but specifically about the โ€œenterโ€ key.

I almost never use it on my model 01 because the fn+space key is enter.

The function palm keys are my favorite part of the model 01 (and the model 100 that just was delivered and I am about to setup now).

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and just like that you made my life better!


me:goes and reads about the key layouts

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