Win 10 : Edit a keymap

Disclaimer: I work in IT but am not a developer.

Using Jennifer’s instructions, I was able to remap my keys… (on win 10 machine). Its actually quite easy/painless.

my new left thumb keys

Key_LeftControl, Key_Backspace, Key_LeftShift, Key_LeftAlt,

my new right thumb keys

Key_RightGui, Key_RightShift, Key_Spacebar, Key_RightControl,

my left function layer

___, Key_Delete, Key_Escape, ___,

my right function layer

___, Key_Tab, Key_Enter, ___,

Most of the folks on here devs so this is easy for them, some of us are not, if you need help (on win 10 box), let me know.

Enjoy your kbm01, make it your own. If you brick it, buy a new one or talk to Jesse.


Absent some really, really clever hacking, it’s pretty much impossible to brick your keyboard over USB :slight_smile: If you think you have done so, by all means, email and we’ll get it sorted out. But nobody should need to buy a new keyboard if they mis-flash a keyboard.


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Happy it worked for you! Since we mostly hear from folks with questions and issues, it’s great to hear from folks for whom it just works!

Thanks for offering to help others, and please if you come up with ideas, ask questions and make suggestions. Welcome to the community!