Cannot modify keymaps with Kaleidoscope (Model 01)

I have a very odd problem. I can flash (using the Arduino IDE) new firmware to my Model 01. I can swap between the default firmware, and a custom firmeware .ino file.

However, on both versions of the firmware, I can’t modify keymaps. For instance, if I try to swap A to instead type 1 by changing Key_A to Key_1, nothing is actually changed; the A key still types an a.

But, other changes in the firmware work just fine, e.g. changes to macros I’ve already set up.

Additionally, this problem only occurs on one of my Model 01s – I just acquired this one as a backup/temporary replacement for my other one on the fritz. If I flash my original one with a modified keymap, the changes take just fine.

Any tips on troubleshooting this?

I should note that Qukeys also appears not to work on this keyboard (I have it set to type parentheses on tapping the shift keys), if that helps narrow down the problem. SpaceCadet does work, though.

At the beginning of the adventure, keymaps was compiled by kaleidoscope and stored with the read only memory of the keyboard.
When Chrysalis enter the game, it cannot make modification to the firmware, so the keymaps moved to the EEPROM.

If one of your keyboard has a keymap stored in the EEPROM, the keymaps from the firmware (which are defined in your .ino sketch) is not used.

You can see this in the advanced option of Chrysalis, and choose which default layer you want (or reset the EEPROM by flashing a firmware with the reset all settings to factory defaults option).

Sorry if I’m not clear in my explanations, I don’t have my keyboard under the hands to make screenshots )-;

Thank you! That was it – I’m now able to flash from Arduino IDE with changed keymaps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:champagne: :tada: :slight_smile:

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