Trouble flashing atreus

Hi all,

I have successfully flashed my new atreus using chrysallis [ changed keymap from qwerty to colemak] but now I need to use the arduino IDE and kaleidoscope to implement autoshifting. For whatever reason, whenever I try to flash an updated sketch using autoshift nothing changes on my board.

As far as troubleshooting- I have left the keymap in the new sketch as qwerty so it should be pretty straight forward to see something changing, but so far I am still on colemak with manual shifting. Could someone help me sort out why the arduino flashing changes nothing, but the chrysalis flashing works?

One potential issue, is that when searching for the “keyboardio by keyboardio” board manager as indicated in the getting started guide Getting Started — Kaleidoscope documentation I could only ever find “kaleidoscope keyboards”

Thanks for any help!

Maybe this can be helpfull ?