XKB geometry file for Keyboard.io Model 01

I’m creating a separate ergonomic layout for my mother tongue, and through that I started peeking down the XKB rabbit hole. Which means I learnt about /usr/share/X11/xkb/ and its contents.

What made me wonder is why I can see a HHK, TECK and Kinesis file in the geometry/ subfolder, but not one for Model 01.

Does anyone happen to have created one and is willing to share (and hopefully also contribute to upstream)?

Just found this question also popped up at the end of this thread (a bit off topic though): Looking for advice with Qukeys/Spacecadet and unicode

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Brilliant! Did you consider pushing this upstream, so at least more standard-like parts would get into general Linux distros?

The problem with making geometries for programmable keyboards is that you need a different one for every firmware layout. I was using mine to demonstrate the effects of different firmware plus software layout combinations, and the only way to do this is to batch-generate many, many different Model01 variant geometries (hence the scripts in the repo). This doesn’t really fit with the XKB mindset.

That said, it should be simple to burn off a factory layout and submit it upstream. I’m just not 100% happy with all of the key shapes and spacings as they currently stand. If you have any modifications they would be gratefully received. :slight_smile: