Alternative Enclosures

Is there any plan in the future to sell alternative enclosures that aren’t made of wood or possibly release the cad files for the current enclosures so users can make their own?

I love the configuration of the Model 01, but I’d much rather have a metal or dark plastic enclosure.


I have vague memories of Jesse saying that he initially was going for something more on the portable side, and that at some point in the future, alternate versions/cases might happen. Also that measurements would be available.

You’re definitely not alone in wanting other enclosure options.


Yeah. Their initial demo had, what looks like, an aluminum case which I feel would be more lightweight. Shown here

They had discarded the aluminum keyboard before the kickstarter, I believe.

There has been a lot of spitballing about possible future product lines including new enclosures, but all of that is high level concept stuff until the backlog of orders is cleared. Some of us are also looking at designing our own enclosures using the Model 01 boards and keycaps. I have one in a detailed sketch, but haven’t had time to start prototyping yet.


I am interested in the cad files for the enclosure, not necessarily to make it out of a different material, but to modify the enclosure shape.

I am a bit eccentric with my keyboard needs (aren’t we all), and I am considering removing the keycaps (and possibly the switches, will avoid if I can) on the number row, the innermost column, and the two innermost buttons on each thumb. This would create a 6x3 array of keys, and a group of two buttons and one nub button for each thumb. What can I say, I’m a stickler for minimalist aesthetics. If I do this, I would love to make an enclosure to cover the spots where these keys used to be. Hence, the ability to edit the cad files and make an enclosure myself.

If anyone is really that interested, I can share the keyboard-layout-editor.