Atreus firmware update to resolve layer switching issues on early-delivery keyboards

Just got my atreus (!!!) and the hardware is amazing.

However the shift to layer and one shot layer keys seems to be malfunctioning. Most of the time when using them I get stuck in the target layer. Anyone else experiencing this? Wondering what possible solutions might exist?

Which layer are you stuck on? I noticed it’s easy to get “stuck” on layer 2, since the default key to get to layer 2 is triggered by pressing once, whereas layer 1 is triggered by holding a key down. If you press the key that took you to layer 2 again, it’ll bring you back. It does seem like a strange choice to me, and it makes layer 2 quite confusing as when you look at its layout, there doesn’t appear to be a way to escape layer 2.

I’m experiencing stuck shift layer very frequently as well, with latest stock firmware. At first I thought it might be the same issues as qmk without PREVENT_STUCK_MODIFIERS but it seems a bit more random, but no less frequent. Pretty much 50% of typing a symbol at normal typing speed leaves me stuck. I also have to tap the Fun layer key a random amount of times to get out of the stuck layer as well.

Looking in to trying to get my old atreus qmk firmware working on the keyboard now using qmk pull request 8492.

I’m experiencing the same!
Have anyone found a solution for it?

Problem seems to be gone after updating to firmware 0.7.7

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Do you have a link on how to update the firmware?

You can update the firmware from the menu of Chrysalis.

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Confirmed that the problem went away with update. The keyboard was basically unusable before, getting stuck on other layers all the time. I’m very happy that now it seems good!

I tried updating through Chrysalis, but that ended up not working for me. I now suspect that the reason is that I was holding the “Esc” key, but really should have held the “bottom left key” instead (i.e. what is Esc on default layout). But before I figured that out I went through this howto:

… and that works as another way of flashing the FW :slight_smile: (The keyboard is called “Atreus 2” and is confusingly stashed below “Technomancy” instead of “Keyboardio”.)

Hi everybody. Sorry for missing this thread before. The email you should have gotten when your Atreus shipped -should- have strongly encouraged you to update the firmware with Chrysalis…specifically to solve this issue.

If you want to flash from within the Arduino IDE, you need to come up to Kaleidoscope 1.9.8 in the Arduino boards manager. 1.9.6 dates to before the keyboard got its final name.

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I received the email but I didn’t want to update as I like the older layout more :slight_smile:
I updated Chrysalis twice (currently in 7.9), but I’m still having the same problem.

I only use 2 layers, so I use the fun key to shift to layer 1. Wonder if that can be creating any problem.
But also I’m seeing that I randomly type numbers instead of letters with some keys from the right side of the keyboard, as if the fun key was pressed.
Any advice on how to find what’s the problem? I’m using my Atreus 1 more because I can’t really get this new keyboard working :confused:

Here is a screenshot of my layout:

@pel_daniel The issue was a bug in the firmware itself. It’s not something you can fix without a firmware update. But you don’t need to lose your layout.

You can update the firmware without erasing the EEPROM. (Don’t select the “Factory reset” option)

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Thanks @Jesse!
I’m really dumb, I was only updating the Chrysalis app but not the firmware.
Here is a screen shot of the menu option that you need to select, for anybody that finds this thread.

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