Atreus Secondary func. on Home Row not (consistently) working

I have home row mods on the Atreus, but they’re not working.

Cmd on D/K seem to work ok, but Shift on F/K, Alt on S/L and CTRL on A/; don’t work.

I’m running 0.92.3+107 and flashed through Chrome.

Yes, I did a straight Kaleidoscope .ino file for the Atreus using home row mods and either SpaceCadet or OneShot (or the various associated plugins) caused major issues with the home row mods (implemented as QuKeys). I disabled SpaceCadet and all of the OneShot plugins and now home row mods are working perfectly.

Note, I don’t use Chrysalis and have disabled the EEPROM and focus-* plugins as well.

Ah… The SpaceCadet thing might have solved it in Chrysalis. I will test it for a while to see if Shift will continue to work one Home Row.