Something strange going on with QuKeys and OneShot or SpaceCadet?

So I’ve been porting a variation of Miryoku to the Atreus using Kaleidoscope, and I was getting very strange behaviour with the home row mods using QuKeys and the MT() macro and friends. Basically, if (Colemak layout), t and n are Shift mods (using SHT_T(T) and SFT_T(N)) then doing: hold-t then n, release, and then n would result only in N rather than Nn (i.e. the second tap of n after the shifted-n would get lost). This was completely consistent, and also didn’t work the other way around.

I was on the verge of just abandoning my port, and switching to QMK, but I wondered if I I disabled all of the plugins, and just left QuKeys in, whether it would work. In the end, I only needed QuKeys and TapDance and they do seem to work together. As can be seen in my port (atreus-miryoku-kaleidoscope/Atreus.ino at 61642255fed1c547cbfc8e640d8e018081db0ef7 · ajkavanagh/atreus-miryoku-kaleidoscope · GitHub) I disabled the OneShot and related macros.

I wonder if they are what was causing the issue, before I go debugging further?

[edit] So I read a few more posts and it may be SpaceCadet rather than the various OneShot plugins that are clashing? Anyone have any thoughts?

I’m thinking of also doing a Miryoku for the Model 100, as I don’t really get on with the default layout, but I do want to try to use it.