Homerow modifiers broken?

So I decided to switch from my Atreus back to the Model 01 today. I decided to take some of the tweaks on my Atreus over to the Model01.

First I decided to test the model01 and aside from some key chatter there were no apparent problems, the keychatter resolved itself after a bit of cleaning and using it for a bit.

Next I decided to setup the homerow modifiers I use on my atreus;
a & o- ctrl
r & i - alt
s & e - shift
t & n- gui

Up to this point everything was working. I decided to upgrade the firmware using Chrysalis, the model01 was running a custom firmware with some tweaks which can now be done using chrysalis and was no longer necessary,

After updating to versn 0.8.2 however I got a message which stated that mixing layouts in code and EEPRom was no longer supported offerig a button for feature requert or a fix. I though to myself, no problem, I have everything stored in EEProm, this can be ignored. But apparently I was wrong, my layout was back to default QWERTY. After mucking about for a while I decided to click the fix button now most of my layout is back except the keys which have dual functions, these do not seem to register at all.

I decided to go with a clean start, i bakuped my layout, reflashed the firmware and checked the restore factory default setting box. I tested all keys, which were working fine and then imported my layout again. The problem of the ARST and NEIO not registering still persists.

For now I switched back to my Atreus which I am not going to be updating anytime soon.

Any suggestions on how to get the homerow modifiers working on my Model 01 would be greatly appraciated.

I got in mind that the standard Model01 firmware don’t have all the wistles and trumpets stuffs…
… Have you tried to flash the experimental firmware ?

I have not tried the experimental firmware, I will try this tomorrow.