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So I yesterday I received the new atreus keyboard, it was even a few days earlier then expected. The build quality is far better than I expected although I preffer the Matias tactile switches on the model 01.

I already have a model 01 and I wanted a second ergonomic keyboard, one for the office and one in my backpack for on the go. Since I am really fond of the layout on the model 01 and recently started using colemak I began moving the keycaps around and editing the layout in Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a nifty little program but it has its limitations so I wanted to compile my own firmware like I did for the model 01 and here I started to run into issues, the documentation and examples are subpar when compared to the model 01.

Since its been a while when I last compiled a new firmware I knew I had to update the Arduino IDE, Boards and download a fresh copy of the firmware source files. But where are the source files for the Atreus firmware? On the github project page is a " Model01-Firmware" repo, but no “Atreus-Firmware” repo. I thought it probably was integrated into one of the other projects since the Model 01 firmware is mainly a single INO file. So I started to read the documentation to upgrade al of the necessay software and find the firmware source files for the Atreus, but the Atreus is’t even mentioned in those documents. Eventually I found the source files in the Kaleidoscope repo. I tried uploading the default sketch and ran into the next issue, where is the program button? I scrounged the forum for a while befor finding out it was the key on the lower left (ESC).

So now I have a working firmware which I can upload to the keyboard, I already made some minor changes and want to add Qukeys to the inner thumb keys (Ctrl and Alt), but I can’t find any documentation as to the wiring of this keyboard, for the Model 01 there is a nice image in the repository which shows all of the adresses.

Can someone Explain how this keyboard is wired so I can add the Qukeys and will there be an update on the getting started documentation for the Atreus?

While not an image, and not really documentation, but you can see the row/col numbers of the keys here:

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@algernon, Thank you, I will give that a try later today.

We should really make an SVG of key coordinates for each supported keyboard…


After some trial and error I got this working :smiley: