Barely used Model 01 Quiet keys - Swap for loud click or sell (Europe)

(Alex) #1

For some reason I selected the quiet click variant of the Model 01 when I backed it on Kickstarter, I must have been thinking of my office mates… :sweat:

I really prefer the feel of the more clicky loud variant. I used my for a couple of hours 2 - 3 days before placing it back in its box and shelving it. I did not experience any key chatter. Received it November 2017 so it’s MP1.

Is there anybody in the opposite situation? I would love to just swap keyboards. My keycaps are blank, but i guess we could just keep our keycaps before swapping.

Alternatively, I could be open to just selling it and buying another one (though I would hate to go through the wait + import AGAIN!).

Shipping in Europe would be best, I am in Spain.


(Zian Choy) #2

If I offered to buy it (as a resident of the USA), how much money would you like, including shipping?

(Arnaud Meuret) #4

Hi Alex,

I’m in France and my Model 01 just died on me. Is your keyboard still on the market ?