Barely used MP2, 2 weeks old for sale

**PriceMake me an offer:
**CondtionUnboxed, attempted to use a handful of times.:
**LocationWashington, DC:

After waiting nearly 3 years, I just can’t get into this keyboard’s layout (lack of keys and what’s up with tab being on the right side?) and it’s just too much effort to try and cobble together cranky and sometimes buggyfirmware. I do this stuff as my day job and don’t feel like tinkering with my input device in this manner. I’m also not crazy about the switches. Not as smooth as my Cherry Reds.

Very barely used, has all original materials, and Dvorak keycaps on the way.

Hi there, I’m in the New York area. Just wondering about the key switches? Are they loud or quiet?

They’re not purposely loud, but they’re not quiet, either. I’d say on par with my Cherry Reds. IMO, a pretty quiet keyboard is the new keyboards on the Macbook Pros, etc. Nowhere near as quiet as that.

I see what you meant by your question. This is the quiet model.

I’m certainly interested. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to PM…
How would you like to talk further? My twitter handle is @twitlessty

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i’m in DC. DM me on twitter.

Is the keyboard still for sale?

do you still have this available for purchase

If this is available, I am interested. PM me.