[sold] Completely new MP2 Model01 quiet click (somewhere in Europe)

Item: Model01, MP2
Price: 279 Euro + shipping
Condtion: New. The original keyboard.io box hasn’t been opened yet. It’s your turn!
Location: Cologne

I’ll sell my 2nd Model01 here. The keyboard is completely new and unused, as I didn’t open
the package yet! It has quiet key switches with regular qwerty key caps. Shipping is possible within Europe, via DHL.

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I’d be interested, but shipping would be to Spain. Being in the EU there are no borders to worry about. Any idea of the shipping cost? Would you accept PayPal?


depending on the weight of the package, shipping would come in between 14 and 18 Euros. I’d ship with DHL. PayPal is totally fine.

Hey Tom, I gave it a second thought. Sorry about that, but I think I want to wait until I get my own first keyboard (MP4, currently being built). After I try it I will be ready to decide if I want to spend extra money on a second one. I might regret this in the future, but what if in the end I can’t adapt to the keyboardio?
Please accept my apologies. In the odd case that you haven’t sold it by the end of april, I might want to talk to you again. Cheers!

Hi Tom,

I’m super interested in this. Would you ship to Ireland? Also within the EU, though I realise it might be a bit more than to Spain!

Also, forgive my noobishness, but is MP2 just a batch number or is it significantly different to the current model?



MP2=mass production (run) 2. It is a batch number. Should be as good as any other.


No worries! I’d rather try one keyboard first and then order a second if
it fits :slight_smile:

All the best!

Hello Rory,

sure, shipping to Ireland is possible. The shipping fees
stay the same afaiu because it’s an inner-european parcel.
As jordihs already mentioned, MP2 was just the 2nd mass production
run that was done.

What do you think?

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Hey Tom,

Sorry about the delay. Sounds great to me! Still available?

As both prospective buyers have pulled out, the game is open again. The keyboard is still available, if anyone’s interested.

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I’ll take it if you ship to catalunya!

Sure. Please provide your shipping address in private mail. I’d prefer bank transfer. Would you be comfortable with that? Please contact me under keyboardio at_sign twal dot it.