[SOLD] Model 01 / Quiet Click (Minneapolis, MN, USA) - $250

(Tony Collen) #1

Item: Model 01 Quiet click - #000764
Price: $250.00 + shipping to US addresses
Condition: Very good, I am the second owner, and haven’t used it much, and can’t adjust :frowning: My loss is your gain. I acquired it in new condition from the original owner.
Location: Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, will ship to US addresses.

All original packaging & accessories included. I don’t know which production run it is, but the original box shows it was shipped on 13 Oct 2017.

I will accept Paypal or Apple Pay, and will ship with a tracking number when paid.

I will prefix the ad with [SOLD] if it’s no longer available.

Thanks for looking!

(Murphy Randle) #2

Hi, Tony! Im’ interested. But I can’t figure out how to send you a PM. Do you know about how much the box would weigh? I’d like to estimate how much shipping would cost. Bummer that you couldn’t get accustomed to it!

(Tony Collen) #3

Hi Murphy!

The box weighs 4.6 lbs, and the dimensions are 18.25" x 11" x 4"

I’m not sure if there’s a setting I need to turn on for PMs (or if PM’s are even a thing here), so I’ll poke around.

(Tony Collen) #4

Keyboard is SOLD! Thanks for the interest!