Best Keyboard on the Planet

I’ve been using my Model 01 since October (2017), having just received my other two last month, or the month before. Yes, I have three Model 01s.

It is currently the best keyboard on the planet. Until J + K decide on Model 11, I have no complaints, of course we all have minor wishes, features, etc. but taken as a whole, the design + program-ability of the M01, its difficult to imagine a better keyboard.

It is extremely comfortable to type on, so much that I really have no need to leave (a rather outdated) QWERTY. The physical layout + multiple layers practically solve any RSI issues. Two of the main reasons not to leave QWERTY are: 1) moving to a qwerty kb (on someone else’s machine) becomes a hassle if I’m using/learning dvorak, colemak, workman, etc.; and 2) the ergo (non-ergo) issues have mainly be solved with the design of the M01, + I like not having to remap and relearn crucial functions (namely copy/cut/paste, ctrl-c, -x, -v).

All the cool things people have added, whether aesthetic or functional is just icing on the cake.

Thanks J+K and everyone else.


3-M01-Club represent! I’ve also got three.

I agree with you completely. The only issues that I have I can actually fix myself because I can change the code that’s running on the board. That’s pretty awesome.

Wouldn’t that be “Model 010”?

One thing I would suggest to do different on the next-gen Keyboardio:
The thumb buttons all have the exact same shape, but still, swapping them around has a few “problems”, being the homing bumps and the text alignment on the keys make it look odd when moved from one half to the other.



model 10, yes, model 11 would be after. Agreed on center aligned text on thumb keys…

thank you.

In retrospect, I should have left-aligned all the thumb key text.

I too own three… sadly I am having issues with several of my keys on my clicky versions. It appears to be the keycaps. Taking all key caps off, the switches work great. But several keys on both sides, usually the top row and some of the bottom row but a few other keys are difficult to press, as if the key caps are not aligned right so when I type on them they seem to sort of grind up against another key cap, or there is a slight “bend” in the switch stem that occurs which causes extra friction and makes it difficult to push the key down.

Dont get me wrong, bar none the best keyboard out there. I love the per key rgb led, the layout, etc. I just wish I could solve this key cap issue.