Can I change the function of modified keys, e.g. Alt+PgUp?

I use Alt+Tab all the time in windows, so I’d like it to be really quick and easy to access.
One way would be to set Alt+PgUp to be Alt+Tab.
Is there a way to do this in Chrysalis?

Thanks in Advance!

Almost everybody starting stumbles over the same problems. That was part of my frustration.
AFAIU what you want is not possible with Chrysalis, but would work with Autohotkey (on Windows) or I think also with the firmware (via Kaleidoscope).
You can use the normal Alt-Tab keys, but I found myself missing a one-handed Alt-Tab combo, for example when browsing and using the mouse with the right hand.

As a solution I mapped G to act as ALT, when it it is hold. That is possible with Chrysalis and does not interfere with typing in any way. You will loose holding down g and getting ggggggggggggggg… although, which IMO is not a problem. I never want to type endless rows of g :wink:

You can still get the repeating character instead of the modifier, by tapping the key, then immediately pressing and holding it. More useful on Mac OS than Windows, because that’s a standard way to access diacritics via Apple’s Cocoa input system.

Cool, 'did not knew that. It works great. One has to be very quick for the double key-press to fire the repeating function, but it works flawlessly! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

On Windows MS Powertoys offers now a function ‘Quick Accent’ to access diacritics in a similar way like you describe for Mac OS. Quick Accent uses the space bar to cycle through the diacritics. Might be also interesting for one or the other here!?

that’s great, many thanks Peter. And like you, I rarely type “gggggggggggggggggg” :grinning:

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