Cannot build: Kaleidoscope-USB-Quirks.h not found


I’m trying to build the firmware against up-to-date git pulls, but I’m hitting the following problem:

Arduino/Model01-Firmware/Model01-Firmware.ino:66:37: fatal error: Kaleidoscope-USB-Quirks.h: No such file or directory
 #include "Kaleidoscope-USB-Quirks.h"

I can see a an (empty) Kaleidoscope-USB-Quirks directory, but no such file.
Am I missing a step/doing something wrong, or is this a genuine issue with the up-to-date codebase?

You’ll need to update Arduino-Boards too, to pull in the USB-Quirks plugin. Running a git pull && make maintainer-update-submodules there should do the trick.

That seems to have worked, thank you.
Is this normally a part of the build process? I’m trying to build a reproducible “script” on NixOS to flash the keyboard there, and I want to be sure whether ‘make maintainer-update-submodules’ should be a part of that.

make update-submodules would be a better target to include. maintainer-update-submodules updates to the latest master, update-submodules updates to whatever is in Arduino-Boards. There are times when the first is safer.