Chrysalis Getting Started

I’ve got my new model 100 - love it! - and been trying to find instructions for Chrysalis. Eventually I found the wiki: A Tour of Chrysalis · keyboardio/Chrysalis Wiki · GitHub.

So I’m putting this here in case anyone else is in the same position as I was.

If I’ve a question, it’s: “how can I make easier for others to find in future?”


I was in the same position (experience the lack of documentation) and contacted Jesse via e-mail and offered to improve the standard documentation (incl. Chysalis docs). I am waiting for his response.

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One option would be to link that or a similar page in Chrysalis itself. E.g. in the Miscellaneous section of the hamburger menu.

That’s a great idea Wesley. Unfortunately I’m just a user!

Users have good ideas too! You could open an issue on the Chysalis GitHub repository with a description of your suggestion.