Make plugin documentation easier to find?

Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but I can’t find a link to the plugin documenation from the wiki. The most obvious link is this:

However, that doesn’t actually provide the detail you need to use the plugins, it just describes them. The documentation I need is here:

There isn’t an obvious path from the wiki to that page. Am I missing something, or could a more prominent link be added somewhere?




Turns out a more prominent link can be added, and apparently I already have the power to edit the wiki. So I am!


You aren’t missing anything. :slight_smile: Finishing a plug-in how-to page is top of my list for documentation pages when I have a chance to write again. This is the half written page:

ETA: And thanks for adding links to the wiki page! I threw up that page so there was something available, but having the links makes it much nicer.