Where do I find .h files and plugins?

I am pretty inexperienced with coding when it comes to things like where files are and how they get compiled together. I could use a little direction on where to find .h files or how to find and implement plugins. I haven’t been able to find any posts or tutorials that point a bit beyond the “Edit A Keymap” page on github. If someone can point me to a post or outside website that has a tutorial, I’d appreciate it.

More specifically at the moment, I want to look at the Kaleidoscope-NumPad.h file so I can see how the keys get lit up. I have been able to remap the number keys to a more preferred format, and like how the default code already lights up the new keys I mapped. But I also want to include the left and right parenthesis, but Key_KeypadLeftParen doesn’t seem to work, and using LSHIFT(Key_9) doesn’t light up the keys.


Unfortunately, we do not have a “how to write plugins” tutorial yet.

Like the rest of the firmware, it is on GitHub too:

Thanks @algernon for the pointer. The link to the NumPad helped me start to figure out a few more things. Being new to the Arduino/firmware environment, I also didn’t understand where the #include “Kaleidoscope-NumPad.h” line in my .ino file was pointing to, if the .ino file was the only thing in my local directory. From what I understand now, it seems like the Arduino IDE program downloaded the library files (.h and .cpp) from the Keyboardio-Model01-Hardware-v1.19.tar.bz2 file in the github repository when I added the line in the Preferences>Settings>Additional Board Manager:


So now, if I want to start customizing a bit more of the functionality of the keyboard besides keymapping and layers, I need to write my own libraries, include the library file (Sketch>Include Library>Add .ZIP Library…). This link for Installing Additional Arduino Libraries was helpful for me, in case it is helpful for anyone else in a similar experience level.

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